Profile – Journal of Mineral Metal and Material Engineering

Dionysios E. Mouzakis
(Hellenic Army Academy, Vari – Attiki, Greece)

Dionysis (Denis) E. Mouzakis PhD (born 1971), obtained his mechanical engineering degree in 1995 (Dept. of Aeronautics and Mech. Engng-University of Patras, Greece) and his Doctoral Diploma in 1999 (Dr.-Ing., Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany). He is the author of >50 peer reviewed Journal Articles with more than 950 international citations (H-index=17) and has participated with presentations in more than 100 International and National Conferences with respect to materials science and engineering topics. He has invested considerable effort in studying the structure-mechanical property relationships in polymers, polymer blends, composite materials, and biomaterials. He is also active in the area of nanocomposites’ property assessment and smart sensors applications. He has already accumulated extended experience in composing large research projects, supervising work packages and collaborating with wide international scientific teams. The research projects he has participated are of national character (German and Greek-State funds) and also EU-funded ones. His academic career involves lecturing for 6 years at the Department of Materials Science at the University of Patras and scientific work as a research associate of the Institute of Technology and Research FORTH/ICE-HT in Patras-Greece. He has also worked for two years as a research engineer in “Karamouzis SA” organic lenses manufacturing plant in Patras–Greece as a thin metal coating expert. Prof. Mouzakis was one of the academic experts of the FORTH-team, which proposed for the members of the Hellenic Chamber of Industries (ΣΕΒ) the technology investments required, based on McKinsey’s 2011 Study “Greece 10 years ahead”, for the Greek economy to strive against the financial crisis in the beginning of 2010.

He is currently working as assistant professor of Mechanics of Materials at the Hellenic Military Academy (top 10 ranking Mil. Academies) as the Director of the Mechanics Laboratory. He is, also, for a second term, the elected Chairman of the Hellenic Society for Biomaterials.