Lightweightening by Combining Together Casting and Additive Manufacturing (Pages 10-15)

F.H. Sam Froes

Consultant to the Titanium and Additive Manufacturing Industries, 5208 Ridge Drive NE, Tacoma, WA 98422

Abstract: Two technologies, conventional Casting and Additive Manufacturing, are combined together in an innovative approach to result in a reduced weight component, as an example the passenger seat in a commercial airliner. A complex precursor plastic assembly, produced by Additive Manufacturing, is converted using the lost wax process, to an Aluminum metal assembly with weight lower than the conventional part . The weight of the component can be reduced further by using a non-flammable low density magnesium alloy. The latter alloy has already been qualified for use in the interior of Airlines.

Keywords: Conventional casting, Additive manufacturing, Combined processes, Airliner passenger seats, Lost wax process, Reduced weight parts, Magnesium alloys, Non-Burning.