Journal of Mineral, Metal and Material Engineering

Table of Contents
Volume 1, Year 2015

Inhibitive Action of Capparis Spinosa Extract on the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in an Aqueous Medium of Hydrochloric Acid   (Pages – 1-7)
O. Id El Mouden, A. Anejjar, R. Salghi, S. Jodeh, O. Hamed, I. Warad, M. Zougagh and R.S. Dassanayake

Silica Gel Synthesized from Oil Palm Boiler Ash   (Pages – 14-18)
Kien-Woh Kow, Loo Yi Mun and Rozita Yusoff

Effect of Iron Substitution in Hydroxyapatite Matrix on Swelling Properties of Composite Bead   (Pages – 19-25)
Samaneh Saber-Samandari, Hamed Yekta and Saeed Saber-Samandari

Development of Gradient Composites using Fly-Ash-Epoxy and Sliding Wear Behavior  (Pages – 26-28)
U.K. Dwivedi and B. Purkayastha

Comparison of Flow Characteristics on the Both Sides of Porous Preform in Resin Transfer Molding   (Pages – 40-46)
Ming-Hsieh Hsien, Chih-Yuan Chang and Lih-Wu Hourng

Analysis of Kerf Width and Cutting Speed Characteristics of Aluminium/Tungsten Carbide Composites  (Pages – 47-56)
K. Ravi Kumar, V.S. Sreebalaji and V. Ganesan

Comparison between the Performance of Fluidized Bed and Barrel Rectors for the Plasma Activation of Polymer Particles  (Pages – 57-64)
H.M. Abourayana, J.N. Barry, P. Dobbyn and D.P. Dowling