Journal of Mineral, Metal and Material Engineering

Table of Contents
Volume 4, Year 2018

Corrosion Behavior of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Sprayed Composite Ni-/Fe-Based Self-Fluxing Alloy – Cermet Coatings   (Pages – 1-9)
Heikki Sarjas, Andrei Surzhenkov, Janis Baroninš, Mart Viljus, Rainer Traksmaa and
Priit Kulu

Fluid-Induced Vibrations of Wind Turbine   (Pages – 16-21)

Isaac Wait, Xiaotian Xu, Feng Xiao, Zhaohui (Joey) Yang, Gang Chen and Benjamin Still

Fretting of Aluminum Oxide, Hydroxyapatite and Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene   (Pages – 22-34)

Chinmayee Nayak, S. Ariharan, Priya Kushram and Kantesh Balani