Microstructure, Hardness, and Wear Behavior Investigation of the Surface Nanocomposite Metal Matrix Reinforced by Silicon Carbide and Alumina Nanoparticles (Pages 57-62)

Essam B. Moustaf1, Asmaa M. Khalil2,3, Haitham M. Ahmed4, Mohammed Hefni4 and Ahmed O. Mosleh2,3

1Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University (KAU), P.O. Box 80204, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 2National University of Science and Technology “MISiS,” Leninsky Prospekt, 4, Moscow, 119049, Russian Federation; 3Shoubra Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Shoubra St. 108, P.O. 11629, Cairo, Egypt; 4Department of Mining Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31437/2414-2115.2021.07.7

Abstract: Aluminum alloys are widely used in applications requiring a high strength-to-weight ratio; however, their low wear resistance constricted their applications. Improving their wear resistance is a challenge, can be resolved by compositing aluminum alloys with nanoceramics. In the current work, and Al-Mg system alloy was reinforced with nano silicon carbide (SiC) and nano aluminum oxide (Al2O3) by friction stir processing (FSP) to enhance their wear resistance and hardness behavior. The microstructure, hardness, and wear behavior of the manufactured surface nanocomposite were investigated. The results revealed that reinforcing AA5250 alloy with nanoceramics leads to more refining action on the microstructure and increases the hardness in the stirred zone by 190% and 230% when using Al2O3 and SiC, respectively. The wear resistance for both manufactured surface nanocomposites was significantly increased; however, surface nanocomposite reinforced with AA5250/SiC exhibited higher wear resistance 5.7 times than AA5250/Al2O3 surface nanocomposite.

Keywords: Nanocomposite, aluminum alloys, nanoceramics, microstructure analysis, wear resistance.