Journal of Mineral, Metal and Material Engineering

Table of Contents
Volume 6, Year 2020

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Boronized Composites Produced by Electroless Ni Coating   (Pages – 1-6)
A. Yönetken and A. Erol

Laser Induced Synthesis of Nickel Alloy (Alumel) Nanoparticles in Liquids   (Pages – 7-15)
C.G. Moura, C. Cano-Raya, J.P.F. Grilo, J.C. Viana, Z.Z. Denchev, R.M. Nascimento and F.S. Silva

Annealing Effect on the Evolution of Nanocomposite Growth of the Sputtered Silicon Rich Nitride with Underlined Tantalum Metal Thin Film   (Pages – 16-20)
Chen-Kuei Chung and Cheng-Han Li

Novel Polytriazole Resins Derived from Star-Shape Arylacetylenes with Silane Unit   (Pages – 21-27)
Niping Dai, Zhuoer Yu, Jun Zhang, Junkun Tang and Farong Huang

Comparative Study of Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses in TIG and Electron Beam Welding of Ti–5Al–2.5Sn Titanium Alloy   (Pages – 28-32)
Muhammad Tahir, Asim Iltaf, Malik Hassan, Ali Waqas and Ghulam Hussain