Journal of Mineral, Metal and Material Engineering

Table of Contents
Volume 7, Year 2021

A Brief Review on the Enhancement of Surface Finish for Metal Additive Manufacturing   (Pages – 1-14)
Jiong Zhang, Yan Jin Lee and Hao Wang

Eight Element Antenna Array with Enhanced Bandwidth   (Pages – 15-22)
K. Prahlada Rao, R.M. Vani and P.V. Hunagund

Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of Coconut Coir Fiber Reinforced Composites   (Pages – 23-28)
R. Sadish Kumar, M. Arulraj and A. Thirumoorthy

Precipitation Strengthening and Corrosion Behaviour of a 6061 Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloy   (Pages – 29-38)
K.S. Ghosh

The Fabrication of Titanium Alloy Biomedical Implants using Additive Manufacturing: A Way Forward   (Pages – 39-48)
A.N. Aufa, Mohamad Zaki Hassan and Zarini Ismail

Optimization of the Second Harmonic Generation in a Realistic Model of Two Coupled Lens-Shaped Core/Shell Quantum Dots for Terahertz Applications   (Pages – 49-56)
M. Choubani, H. Maaref and F. Saidi

Microstructure, Hardness, and Wear Behavior Investigation of the Surface Nanocomposite Metal Matrix Reinforced by Silicon Carbide and Alumina Nanoparticles   (Pages – 57-62)
Essam B. Moustaf, Asmaa M. Khalil, Haitham M. Ahmed, Mohammed Hefni and Ahmed O. Mosleh

Methods of Non-Pressure Granulation of Industrial Waste  (Pages – 63-68)
Katarzyna Ławińska, Andrzej Rostocki, Andrzej Obraniak and Remigiusz Modrzewski