World Journal of Textile Engineering and Technology

Dyeing Performance of Kapok Flower Colourant on Wool Fabrics   (Pages – 23-27)
Tsz Wai Chung, Pui Fai Ng, Qun Chen and Bin Fei

Method for Objective Assessment of Terry Fabrics Handle   (Pages – 28-40)
Diana Stoyanova Germanova-Krasteva and Galya Dimitrova Kandzhikova

3D Fiber Orientation Characterization of Nonwoven Fabrics using X-ray Micro-computed Tomography   (Pages – 41-47)
Parham Soltani, Majid Safar Johari and Mohammad Zarrebini

Some Approaches to Objective Evaluation of Fabric Hand   (Pages – 48-58)
Vladimír Bajzík